Chatham House has kindly invited BGA members to join an online event on 9 March at 1pm GMT exploring the opportunities and challenges Germany faces in a world of rapid technological change.

A key debate in the recent German federal election, and a priority for the new coalition government, will be how to modernize the country to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world.

Germany has solid foundations to become a digital powerhouse being Europe’s largest economy and a global hub for industry and research. But the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed shortcomings in the country’s digital development, highlighting issues such as poor digital infrastructure, lower levels of digital education, and a governing system which can make implementing the necessary reforms difficult.

• What are the priorities for the new government in order to enhance Germany’s digital competitiveness?
• How can policy decisions promote widespread adoption of new digital technologies?
• What is the role of businesses as part of this transformation?
• How do these reforms tie in with wider European efforts to increase the continent’s digital sovereignty?


Stefan Heumann, Member of the Management Board, SNV
Iris Plöger, Member of the Executive Board, BDI
Kristina Sinemus, Minister for Digital Strategy and Development, Hessian State Chancellery
Marjorie Buchser, Executive Director, Digital Society Initiative (moderator)

This event is supported by HCL Technologies.