Below a selection of pupils’ projects that won the Deakin Youthbridge Awards in previous years. All have been completed in German on a topic concerning Germany to explain their interest in or relation to Germany, its culture and language. We would like to thank all the pupils, who have so far participated, for their fabulous ideas – and of course their wonderful teachers for encouraging them to take part.

Each year, we publish a few of the best projects on our website. Published entries must consist exclusively of the pupils’ own writings, drawings, photographs and music. We are not able to publish projects containing copyrighted material, unless we receive written assurance from the school that they have permission for us to publish this material.

Wir wünschen weiterhin viel Erfolg mit der deutschen Sprache!

2023 Projects

St. Hilda’s CE High School

Samantha Roberts, Year 12 Lord of the Lost

Kotryna Kazlauskaite, Year 10 Lord of the Lost besucht meine Schule

St. Bonaventure’s School

School trip to Berlin Video



2019 Projects

Bruton School for Girls

Wendy Yang Deutsche Spezialitäten

Anna Talbot-Ponsoby Deutsche Feste

Monmouth School for Girls

Daniela Waters

Hope Farquar , Sophia Rose, Freya Dorman, Amelia Phillips, Holly Long, Carys McConnell-Lawlor

Hannah Robson & Isabel Harrison (German Language Game)

2018 Projects

Brentwood School

Tiffin School

Zameer Shahpurwala  Youthbridge Zameer Shahpurwala pdf

Stan Luo Deutsche Forscher

Uxbridge High School

Myra Small 3rd Place Uxbridge

2017 Projects

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School

Ein Gedicht über Musik by Niamh Kelly

2016 Projects

Moreton Hall School

Es war ein schöner Morgen in Berlin by Rithika Parthasarathy

2015 Projects

Royal Latin School Bucks

Kultur von Deutschland by Lucie Huxtable

2014 Projects

Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge

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