Youthbridge is the BGA’s schools’ network. At a national level, Youthbridge works to raise awareness of the value and importance of teaching German in UK schools. At a local level, Youthbridge encourages and supports German-language teaching in British secondary schools. The help we offer schools includes:

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Deakin Youthbridge Award Scheme

The BGA’s annual Deakin Youthbridge Award Scheme gives cash prizes and certificates for the best projects submitted by students in each participating school

Resources for Teachers

We have resources available for teachers including graphics and statistics on why you should learn German

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Please also send us an email if you would like to change your details; for example, if you now teach German at a different school.

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The BGA is now playing a greater role in British-German relations than ever before. We receive no regular funding from any Government, and our income from individual membership fees covers less than a fifth of our running costs. So we are reliant on donors to continue and expand our work. Your support is hugely appreciated.